About full-stop in name

I have a dilemma about full-stop in my name.

In my PMQ certificate my name is MD. HASSAN ZAHID
Note : there is a full-stop after MD

but my passport does not allow special characters so there’s no full-stop in my name in my passport.
My OET account is according to my passport which does not have full-stop in my name.
My MRCP account is according to my PMQ certificate which has full-stop in my name.

Now I am in a great dilemma about what my GMC name should be? according to my PMQ or my passport ? will it be an issue in future like during epic verification? I already put my name according to my passport in my GMC account.

Your name should always follow your offical ID documents, in this case your passport. A full stop doesn’t make it a different name.

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