About transferring university

Hello sir/madam

This is mahesh a 3rd year finished student from kazakh national medical university (JCL) from Kazakhstan an IMG

I have one big doubt about transferring university

Actually I’m studying med school in Kazakhstan.i got to know that our degree which is given after 5 years is bachelor of health sciences but we need doctor of medicine degree to give PLAB .if i want to get doctor of medicine degree my university is forcing me to do 2 years of internship which is very expensive for me and I don’t want to waste 2 years as i wanted to do my internship in UK through FY1,FY2. So I’m now finished 3rd year so if I transfer to other country which gives Physicians or doctor of medicine degree (example- Kyrgyzstan which gives doctor of medicine degree after 5 and half years of med school) will GMC accept my transfer?

Is there any way to transfer as it is not only my question my whole university students are confused about this process.

Please solve my problem as soon as possible

Thank you

The transfer is valid if the final medical diploma that you get is accepted by GMC. And the credits that you transfer can not be any exams that you failed/were unsuccessful in the first institution.

GMC has a medical diploma acceptance guidance. Read it carefully.