Alternate core competencies

Hi. I am regularly following roadtouk videos on YouTube. I am from India . I am a Dr. currently going to start my Internal Medicine training in India. I came to know that it’s possible to get into St3 training without doing imt in uk. And the pre requisites are mrcp, 3 years imt training back home, and getting ALTERNATE CORE COMPETENCIES signed. Now my doubt is regarding the alternate core competencies signed. Can it be done back in my country or it has to be done in uk.? If it has to be done in uk / if certain competencies can’t be done in my country and they can only be done in uk, then HOW LONG SHOULD I WORK IN UK IN A NON TRAINING JUNIOR DOCTOR POST to actually get my alternate core competencies signed (before I could apply for st3 training jobs)?

It would be extremely helpful if you could answer this.

You both are really going a great job!! I am always grateful for your efforts.!!


I also want to know the answer of the same question.
Please let us know.

It would be really great if somebody describes the surgical pathway too.

I wanted to pursue my career in orthopedics department.

I am doing training in Bangladesh for about two months, what should be my next step?

Hello doctor!

I think you’ll find some more information about this pathway in this Road to UK YouTube video.

If there are certain competencies that can’t be done in your home country, you can always join Core Medical Training in the UK, as long as you fulfill the eligibility criteria. You’ll also gain more experience in the NHS and get more prepared for higher speciality training.

Good luck with everything and wishing you all the best!