Am I eligible for sho after one year of work experience in my home country

So I’ve been working as a cardio thoracic intensive care junior resident in my home country and I’ll have my one year work experience by the end of June. Will this be considered fy2 in the uk? And will I be eligible for sho jobs ?

If you have full registration with GMC, you can apply for any of the FY1, FY2, CT1/ST1, CT2/ST2 level jobs.

It all depends on the job that you are applying for. An FY2 level job in a small hospital and FY2 job in a busy hospital will have different level of workload and responsibilities.

  • With your experience so far will you be able to fulfill the job responsibilities that you applied for?

This very question has to be answered in your job application and during your interview.

I got a CT1 level trust grade doctor post (SHO) with only my internship. In my application, I explained the breadth of work I was involved in during my internship (which is 2-3 times more work an FY1 gets to do in the UK) and how I’m confident in taking in the responsibilities outlined in the job description. And in interview, I was confident in managing the clinical scenarios given to me.

So, to answer your question, yes you can apply and can become successful to get an SHO post.


Hello Dr Ibrahim… i see that there are some non training CT1/2 , ST1/2 posts that mention the need for FY2 training or completion of FY2 competencies as an essential criteria… can IMG’s with post internship experience overseas apply for these jobs? Wat do they mean by signed FY2 competencies form? Is that the same as CREST form? TIA

Yes, they mean an equivalent of FY2 competencies i.e. CREST form. Having said that, many of these jobs even though they publish this as essential criteria, if your application is well written and you ace the interview, you still have the potential to be hired.

My very first job in the NHS was as a Trust Grade CT1 level job which I got with only 1 year internship experience.

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