Annual return - How to submit when you have not found a job for almost a year?

Hi everyone, I have been applying for junior doctor jobs for almost a year. I submitted on GMC online that I don’t have a designated body (trust etc) since I didn’t find a job within 30 days as required. If I do get a job then i will have a designated body and be able to do an appraisal at the new work place (at least that is my current understanding - please correct me if I am wrong).

Without a job, we need to gather evidence and submit an annual return instead, rather than doing a work place arranged appraisal. I received an email from the GMC saying that given that I have 3 months left to submit my annual return. Has anyone done this before when they couldn’t get a job before the annual return date of submission? Please Help. I am lost and confused.

There are GMC links on the annual return but I still find it confusing.
Also, do you need to use an external agency to help with the annual return? How does this work :sob:?