Are there residency training opportunities for IMG's in the UK

This is one very frequently asked questions, especially from IMG’s in Nigeria.

Now, the myth is usually that of “so we do plan, and come to the UK and work in a non training job without having to progress in our career” OR “it takes forever to get into a residency programme in the UK” OR “in the UK I heard you become a medical officer for life🤭”

I’ll attempt to address this myths

  1. Getting into residency training anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge is usually not all rosy including here in Nigeria🇳🇬. You’ll have to work hard to meet certain criterias to be awarded residency positions.
  2. How soon you get into residency in the UK depends on many factors which ranges from, a) Knowing and meeting up with the various criterias and the sooner you do that, the sooner you get qualified. b) In the UK and like other climes, there seem to be much competitions in certain specialties classically some surgical specialties and the likes. In view of this, it maybe a bit tricky getting into some residency positions in time relative to others.
  3. UK affords everyone a level playing ground to compete for residency spots and it usually will be on merit. Gone is era of IMG friendly specialties as well addressed by one of the videos by Dr Idriz, I’ll put the link.
  4. There are currently no restrictions for IMG’S applying for residency training as of now.

The UK is IMG friendly, please abort this myths as there are lots of opportunities working in the NHS open to IMG🙂