Bad PLAB 1 experience

Have to say not to happy with the PLAB 1 scheduling process or website. There is no notification list to alert you when spots will become available. Its up to you to check everyday. I logged on at 3AM to see the system wasn’t ready, it said check back in 1/2 hour. 1/2 later, still not ready check back in another 1/2 hour. Checked back a third time and finally got on the waiting list saying my wait time is over 1 hour. 5:30AM I went to schedule just to have them tell me my OET certification will not be valid on the test date. By the time they post the dates on the website, there is little time to schedule a new OET date, take the test and wait for results. Now all the spots in Canada are gone. What a great system, is all the medical process in the UK like this?

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