Better job in home country to build CV

Hello everyone,
I will be working as a government doctor in my state immediately after internship and have the option to choose between being a Medical Officer(MO) at a Health Centre (Primary or Secondary care) or being a Junior Resident (JR) at a Tertiary care hospital. The workload is likely to be more as a JR, since a JR will do rounds, emergency shifts, ICU shifts as well as Out patient clinic duties.
An MO does mostly 9-4 work predominantly Out patient, with some obstetric In-patient care but they don’t usually handle emergencies or do shifts in the ICU, because their health centres don’t have those facilities. But an MO will be part of health teams that carry out Public health programmes, vaccination drives, etc. and will have to oversee community health workers. However, since there are no night shifts/ICU/emergency duties it leaves more time to study and a regular schedule.

I was hoping someone could tell me which one of these is a better option, in the sense that it’ll look good on a CV counter-balanced by the workload. Or will the nature of the position not make much of a difference since both are clinical?


It’s so a good question, same is from my side… Actually, I am new here and its my first post.

If u have cleared ur plab 1 go for JR …it will add more experience…also even JR Work timing is fixed so ull get time to read

I haven’t given PLAB 1 yet. I’ve booked the exam for February 2023, so I will need time to study theory. What do you suggest in this situation?