Bringing your parents to the UK

Hello. I’m a PLAB aspirant and have been thinking about settling down in the UK and bringing my family there too. My question is, once I get a PR, is it possible to bring my parents permanently? Can they ever get a PR? Is there like a bring your dependent scheme or something that helps with this? Can they avail NHS healthcare - and how does that differ based on the type of visa they are on?

As of today, the rules are still that your parents are not your dependent, even if they are financially dependent on you.

Unfortunately, even if you are a permanent resident after working on a skilled worker visa that also doesn’t automatically makes them eligible to come over on a dependent visa.

But when you are UK citizen, there is a way for elderly parents to come on an elderly dependent visa, but many things have to be proven. For example, they are physically unable to take care of themselves, there is no family in your country that can take care of them etc.

Overall, not everyone wins the case thus it’s not a sure pathway as well.

Your parents can always come visit you on a visit visa. But as they will be visitors on this visa, they will not be able to avail free NHS services like GP or specialist services. Emergency services are free in the NHS for everyone.