Clarification about GMC registration and gap before Internship

I saw this post from a doctor currently practicing in the UK.

The first point he mentions that if we do not start our internship 1 year after our final year then GMC might not accept our internship.

I am graduate of July 2020. I laged behind 1 year because I wanted to go for UKFP. Then I couldn’t continue UKFP pathway due to war in Ukraine as I was unable to get Dean’s letter.
Now I’m trying to get into internship in Bangladesh and hopefully I’ll be able to start this year. As per Bangladesh Medical council rule I have to do internship from a private hospital.
It’s going to be a gap of 3 years before internship begins and 4 years when I will complete it.

Will my internship be valid or it’ll be rejected by GMC?

I’m not planning for UK right away but I want to be able to do it in the next 2-3 years.

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