Clarification regarding gap between the graduation and internship

I am from India I did my mbbs in Ukraine I got graduate in June 2020 then I gave my fmge exam in dec 2020 . then I got my fmge pass certificate in 2021 Feb after that I applied my state medical council that is tamilnadu medical council on Feb 2021 for my degree verification because of COVID lockdown both in Ukraine and India verification took till July 2021 and I got noc to do internship in tamilnadu college on December 2021 . Because of TAMILNADU DME PROCESS IT took me till March 2022 in this March 2022 tamilnadu DME GAVE me goverment order to start the internship . so from the date I got fmge pass certificate till it’s been 1 year And now only iam gng to start internship will it be problem if want to give plab please help and guide me please

Hi @imthiyaz008! :blush:

As long as you have your MBBS diploma and IELTS certificate with the desired results, you’re free to book PLAB 1 anytime you want. There is no problem in taking it during your internship.

This article will help you better in understanding your next steps.

Hope this answers satisfies your needs. Feel free to ask anything that further concerns you.

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Maybe you’ll find this link helpful as well.

It’s a official statement of the GMC regarding Ukrainian doctors who wish to register in the UK.

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