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As I’m getting closer to starting the whole GMC registration thing, I’m thinking about a clinical attachment to begin with. I think is a great way to get comfortable sooner with the NHS. Until now, I had little to no luck finding one because of COVID rules.

I was wondering if there is anyone going through the same thing. Do you have any advice or contacts to help?

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I have just recently spoken to a medical graduate from my country who successfully found an attachment as well as a job offer after the attachment.

He scoured the internet using google maps and search to find HR emails of different hospitals in the area he wants to do attachment.

Then he drafted an email, asking for opportunity of doing a clinical attachment in the hospital and attached his CV. He said he got 8-9 offers, all of them were for free, all he needed to do is pay for the accommodation.

So, I think this is viable technique still. For other processes, please read How to find a Clinical Attachment in the UK for IMGs.

Good Luck!


Hi @ibrahimivan,

Thank you so, so much! That’s also what I did, but I think that because I was looking in/near London, there are fewer free placements or it costs a fortune:)) Most answers were that they’re not organizing due to covid. Hope the situation will get better soon.

Many thanks again for the motivation and advice!

If anyone has any more experiences it would be great to hear them🤗

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Hi. I have a question. I was wondering what the true purpose of doing a clinical attachment is…does it help us to get a job? Meaning, does it count as UK experience when applying? Or is it just so that we can be more familiar with how things work in the NHS.

The reason I ask is I have been applying over the last three through NHS jobs for FY1 positions, but haven’t had any success. So it’s either my CV needs work and or I don’t have a clinical attachment to show.

Any constructive thoughts on this would be welcomed.

Many thanks

Clinical attachment is not a magic trick for getting a job in the NHS. It’s not clinical work experience, it’s an observership sort of thing.

So, getting a job in the NHS is still about a well written job application, somewhat related work experience to get the advertised job done and obviously a good interview.


Hello! I’m a MBBS intern from India. Will be graduating in June 2023. I’m a core surgical training aspirant and in the CST Self-Assessment Checklist I was hoping to find out about the entitled component “Surgical Experience” under the “commitment to speciality (all surgical speciality)” sub-heading. In the “Surgical Experience” section the highest point is given to this - “I have undertaken an elective in a surgical speciality (minimum 4 weeks)”. So what I wanted to find out from this forum is does the “Elective” in the aforementioned statement mean clinical attachments? If no, then in order to secure points will I have to do an clinical elective before graduation? And in those circumstances does the elective count even though I’m technical a FY1 equivalent (MBBS intern) or should I have done it before passing final year MBBS?

Thank you for your efforts to support IMGs. Very grateful and hope to hear from you soon.

Hello Dr,
I’m a recent img from Armenia (Indian National) without internship. May I ask what type of job offer did that medical graduate recieve after his/her clinical attachment?? and which hospitals did they apply for the attachment free of cost?

Hi @Eba_baig! No. Electives are not attachments. Electives are done either during medical school or during your internship. You need to show active participation meaning where you’ve had the opportunity to scrub in and do more than what an observership offers (basically an attachment).

If it’s not yet too late, try and see if you can do an entire month in Surgery (any speciality) before you finish your internship. It should say in your internship completion certificate that this was an elective rotation.