Clinical Gap after Internship

Hello Admins and everyone else,
I wanted to ask how long of a clinical gap is acceptable on the CV. I finished my internship in the beginning of May and finished all the formalities to get my registration by the end of June (In my University we get our permanent registration after internship but Provisional registration before). The process was long and drawn out so I couldn’t apply for a job till I had the registration in hand, so that became a gap of two months where I only prepared and gave my IELTS.
After this I started an online course of Health Equity Research while I wait for a job posting from our Government which I have to do for a year since I took a merit seat in my State.
But the Government isn’t releasing a notification and time is passing by where I can’t even accept other jobs.
Will this reflect poorly on my CV even though it’s not in my hands?

Please help me out, I’m very anxious about it.

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Hi @Poorvi!

No! As long as you’ll explain the situation and be sincere, there’s no reason to be worried.

Try doing some CPDs to show that you were still interested in medicine. It should be fine.

Good luck and best wishes! :cherry_blossom::hugs:

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Thank you so much for answering my query. I wanted to know if the online course I am doing has value or will just be seen as some filler because it’s available to everyone.
Another thing I wondered was if when i write my CV I have to mention having a clinical gap (While applying for jobs not for GMC registration) or if just mentioning the duration of various jobs is adequate
Thank you once again

Hi again @Poorvi!

Any course is beneficial for your CV, but it’s not a life changing thing (if you can’t afford it or you don’t have the time for it, don’t worry). Anyways, it’s good to show that you did something during that gap.

Yes. When you’re applying for a job it will be a separate section where you’ll have to explain any gaps in practice.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day🌸

Thank you so much for the guidance! :smile: :smile:
You guys are doing some truly amazing work out here helping us all out

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