College affiliated under different university on GMC site

I am a medical student who is about to finish her internship(FY1) in a private college,India.
I cleared my IELTS(while pursing internship),got it verified by GMC.
However,my college is listed under the old university on GMC website(they havent updated about the univeristy change which happened in 2014).
I emailed GMC about the discrepancy and they locked my account thereafter.Intially,they asked me to provide my final year marksheet,then my internship ongoing letter so that they have a proof that i graduated under this new university.
But now they are asking me to provide PMQ and unless i dont do so,i shall be unable to book PLAB 1 seat.
I requested them that my degree certificate will take atleast 4 months to come and since new PLAB seats are being released on 28th June ,i may lose the chance to give my exam next year as well.
Kindly help me as i know you have great expertise in this area.

You are unfortunately in a difficult situation. You can not progress any further unless GMC is certain about your medical degree first.

If you can’t have an official degree now, can you get a provisional from your university/institution and submit to GMC?

That’s the only solution that comes to my mind now.

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