Considering English language eligibility criteria in this COVID era

I got two cancellation back to back in sept21 and Feb22. I got the next date on 12th july22. My OET result is valid upto 20th july 2022(3years). May i get a two weeks of extension? I don’t want to sit for OET again. What should I do? I work in India

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The GMC is accepting a recent PLAB 2 pass as evidence for registration until March 2023. However, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Passed PLAB 2 less than three months before you apply to register
  • Achieved minimum scores in IELTs or OET less than three years ago

Therefore, they may not accept your OET results and ask for further evidence that you have maintained an adequate level of english, such as:

  • A reference from a tutor/lecturer of a postgraduate course or from an employer who is based in an English speaking country
  • Evidence of a language test you’ve passed for registration with a medical regulatory authority in an English speaking country. Must be less than two years old
  • If you have a UK job offer, a Structured English Language Reference (SELR) Form completed by the doctor who appointed you

:warning: They also mention they are willing to consider any other evidence you may want to submit. I suggest you email them directly to explain your situation. Hope this helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Read further here:
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Thanks for your reply. I’m not from an English speaking country. So i think my fate completely depends on their consideration! Do anybody knows someone who got similar issue like me and GMC accepted their application for registration?