CREST, MCRPH, MCRP, Pediatrics and more

Hi guys, I would appreciate it if you help me with some doubts:

  1. I wanna apply to ST1 pediatrics by the CREST pathway after a period of non-training job in the UK. Is it mandatory that a UK medical consultant sign this form right? or it could be done by another consultant from my country (Peru)?

  2. I know that pediatrics training is 8 years long. My questions is: Is it 8 years to become a general pediatrician? or is the subspecialty also included within this time (for example: pediatric dermatologist)?

  3. For pediatrics: it is MCRP the same as MCRPCH? Should I need one of them before apply to ST1? I know I could complete MCRPH during pediatrics training, but how about MCRP?

Thank you so much in advance.

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