Declining a job offer after verbal acceptance

I gave two interviews for my first job in the NHS, one for a desired specialty- A and one for a specialty-B, I was not interested in. I did the latter interview because i had a gap in my career, and was unsure of getting placed. It had also been 2 months since registration and 4 months since my PLAB-2 exam and I was desperate to take up any job in the NHS that came my way.

Job B was offered a day after the interview and Job A was not going to announce interview outcomes until after the weekend when all candidates were interviewed i.e. 5-6 days later, i explained this to the consultant that offered job B and asked if I could get some time to verbally accept the offer.
Consultant that offered Job B said he needed an answer by the next day, now what would be the best thing to do in this situation?
Turn down job B and take a risk, take job B and politely decline after 5-6 days citing your preference to the other job as a reason?

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