Dependent and Tier2 Visa

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I have a query and confusion both
I am fully GMC registered with no job yet. I am planning to go UK on dependent visa very soon with my wife. Am I allowed to start my first NHS job in dependent VISA ? How easy and difficult is to find job on Dependent Visa? Is it adviceable to come UK on dependent visa and find a job while in UK? How difficult is to convert dependent visa to tier2 visa later on? Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @Razan_Razan!

First of all, yes, you are allowed to work in the NHS on dependent visa.

It’s easier actually, because you can start working right away.

Yes. Whatever fits you best.

It’s not “difficult”, but your time counted towards ILR will be erased when changing your visa type.

Hope it helped. Please don’t hesitate to come back and ask more questions if anything was unclear.

Good luck with your journey and best wishes! :cherry_blossom:

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Thank You so much for nice and easy reply. I have one more question are we allowed to start training job in Dependent Visa?

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No you are not. If you are on a dependent visa and join training, you will need to leave and re-enter the country on your own separate visa. This will cause your ‘ILR clock’ to reset.

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