Derriford Hosp job

Dear Guys, I have an interview at Derriford hospital, I wanted to ask, how is life at Derriford hospital, this will be my first job and I have a family with school going kids too, any info provided will be appreciated


Congrats on the interview! Which department do you hope to be starting in?

Derriford is a tertiary level hospital, so it has a lot to offer in terms of learning and overall clinical exposure. We have a great IMG Whatsapp group as well as a separate IMG induction to help you settle in.

The city is beautiful, by the seaside, and stays clear of snow (which is the best part IMO). You can check the Ofsted website regarding schools.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for responding. I am shortlisted for acute/internal medicine JCF job. Since I have mrcp 1& 2, I will be looking for IMT training for which I will be needing some teaching and audit experience from Derriford hospital if I got a job God willing. Do u think this will be possible in 6 months time to get Involved in QIP or teaching or Audit. Thank u

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Yes most definitely! You should be given a clinical supervisor who you can discuss this with further to see what opportunities are available. Good luck for your interview and further application for training :relaxed: