Do I need to provide tuberculosis certificate during GMC (UK) registration?

I am Muhammed Anjum, I am a final year medical student from India.

In one of the videos by the road to UK, I came to know that a certificate or a report saying that the applicant is not having tuberculosis has to be submitted during the process of GMC registration. I was diagnosed with Tuberculous lymphadenitis last year and after 6 months of treatment I got cured of it. Will there be any hinderances in my application process as a result of this.

Since I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis before, is there a need for any additional documents or reports?

Hi @muhdanjum Iā€™m sure there has been a misunderstanding.

You do not need to provide TB certificate for GMC registration. You need it when you get a job and coming to the UK on a work visa.

Please check this article Supporting documents for UK Work Visa

A lymphadenitis will not cause any problem I think as the test is more focused on pulmonary TB.

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Supporting what @ibrahimivan said. Please note that any standard visitor visa of less than 6 months does not require a TB clearance.