Do not make these mistakes in your UK visit visa application!

UK visit visa application was undoubtedly the most stressful time for my PLAB journey. Back then there were resources but not tailored particular to this cause and to be honest circumstances of different applicants are entirely different.

Given our access to communication with hundreds and thousands of PLAB aspirants, we have successfully curated five top mistakes in your UK visit visa application.

Mistake #1: Discrepancies in your Online application

You must have seen our article on UK Visa for PLAB: Online Visa Application, where we have stated the answers to the questions that are asked in your online application for the visa.

This is your MAIN application.

Do not think to graze past something in your Q&A here and think I’ll explain everything in my cover letter. Your cover letter in NOT your application, it is just a supporting document where you can explain a bit of your (and your sponsor’s) circumstances and your intention and plan for the visit.

But your online application should make sense by itself to clearly portray the intention and available support for your visit.

Mistake #2: Providing Incomplete Evidence

If you state something in your application that needs to be verified, you HAVE to provide verifiable evidence to that extent. You can’t just state that your father will sponsor THIS amount without showing verifiable evidence that your father has THAT amount under his name.

Any claim you make to support your application should have something verifiable.

I know it’s easier said than done.

That is why we created this forum category #uk-visa to collate all IMGs experience together and help each other guiding how some type of evidences/proof can be obtained.

If you have any question related to UK Visa just open a new topic in this category.

Mistake #3: Failure to Explain Your Financial Circumstances

A very common one.

Even if you are currently unemployed but held jobs before, you need to explain – how your circumstances are not strong enough to make this visit and that’s what you are seeking help from a sponsor.

Same goes for your sponsor as well. Just because they have a huge chunk of money in a bank account does not mean they are a suitable sponsor. You have to explain their financial circumstances as well.

Check out this article - UK Visa for PLAB - Financial Sponsorship Documents.

Mistake #4: Failure to Explain Your Plan for the PLAB Visit

At the end of the day, PLAB 2 is just a one-day exam. So if you want to stay for a period of 30 to 40+ days, you HAVE to explain your plan.

Going to an academy for PLAB 2 course is not prohibited on your visit visa, but remember to not mention them in your online application that they are inviting you to come to the UK. Even GMC is not inviting you to come to the UK. You are coming to the UK on your own accord because your exam venue is there. Understand the difference.

If you plan to stay after the exam, do provide your plan for that duration as well.

Mistake #5: “Funds Parking”

This is tied with mistake #3. A lot of applicants are with the idea that, If I show my sponsor has a lot of money, visa will be a walk in the park.

Yes. Your sponsor needs to have a sufficient amount in their bank account, but attempts should not be made to inflate that amount by depositing large amounts from elsewhere. That’s called funds parking.

If transactions like this were bound to happen because of how businesses work, then they need to explain that in their sponsor letter.

Wrapping up

Watch this video explaining all the mistakes above in a bit more detail.

I would highly encourage making use of this #uk-visa category and ask questions. Good luck everyone!