Documents from the hospital for visa application

Hello everyone
My question is that I’m currently working in a hospital where I’ll be getting all the documents I need for the application. But some time after applying for my visa I’m gonna have to start working in another hospital. I’m afraid it might be a bit too late if I wait and collect the documents from the second hospital because timing is not certain yet. If I switch hospitals while they’re assessing my application, the documents technically won’t be effective anymore (e.g. my NOC)

Can this cause an issue in any way?? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Your visa decision will be provided based on the documents that you submit to UKVI. If they are all genuine and satisfactory then the decision will be made. After submitting the documents, you decide to change your work, it has nothing to do with visa decision. As long as your initial submission is legit it is good to go. Do not be overwhelmed by random suggestion all over the internet.