Does applying to UKFP require you to have registration in your home country or country of graduation?

I will be graduating from Georgia next year in June,but wouldn’t be receiving a registration to work here.
Also in my home country( India),It is possible to receive a registration only after the month of December next year.
Taking into consideration the time to apply for UKFP will be July-August,Is it possible to apply even without a permanent registration in either country.?
Thank you.


You don’t need your country’s registration to apply for UKFP, so you can apply for UKFP without a permanent registration in either country.

I will also be graduating hopefully June 2022 and i am choosing the UKFP pathway too.


But bro I have heared that for gmc registration we will need certificate of good standing if we are not registered in our home country then how can we will give certificate of good standing for gmc registration? thanks for guidance

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