ECFMG Certificate

Hello guys!
I graduated from Peru, I also finished my speciality in Family Medicine 11 years ago, during my residency in Peru I’ve got my ECFMG certificate, I mean I passed all the USMLE tests in order to get this certification, any ways, I wonder if, is it true that the PLAB tests are not longer required for the GMC registration when you already passed the USMLE? I just read that since 2021 you may no need to take the PLAB test when you have that certification and have the access to the boards through EPIC. If this is true, do I need any other certificate, other than IELTS and the clinic reports from my employers? (since my ECFMG certificate is over 2 years old), also my medical school is in the list of world directory of medical school. Am I ready to go and apply for GMC registration? I will appreciate your insights

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