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Hello, Thank you for seeing my message
I am Shubham from India
I have completed my mbbs from india and rightnow doing my internship.

My college is listed in world medical dictionary of medical schools WDOMS. But no sponsorship notes from ecfmg in sponsors section
First batch graduated from my college was in2018.
I know i can apply for Plab but after passing both Plab 1, plab 2 how i will do epic verification of my credentials from ecfmg.
Thanks of the help in advance

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Hello Shubham,

Glad to hear from you as we also faced the same problem. We had to apply for WDOMS and ECFMG separately on different occasions and on different forms provided by the authorities. The forms were directed towards our Principal.

After filling up the form we had to contact to BMDC (Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council), they subsequently helped us in this regard and afterwards we got our ECFMG recognition with sponsorship letter.

You can apply for ECFMG recognition by simply emailing them and they would provide you with the procedures in perspective of India.

Thank you for the help
Supposed if my college gets ecfmg certified this year. Will the person who have already graduated (e.g in year 2019) will be eligible for plab and gmc registration

Hey Shubham,

Regardless of the year, anyone graduating from your medical college will be able to seat for PLAB and obtain GMC registration after getting the ECFMG recognition.

Hi @Shubham1 I think you may be overthinking the situation.

  • If your medical college is listed in WDOMS - more than likely you’ll be able to open a GMC online account this able to book PLABs.
  • Even if you don’t have any ECFMG sponsor note you’ll still be able to get EPIC done the way it is done for everyone else.

As EPIC verification doesn’t expire, why don’t you start the process now to see how it goes.

The hiccups would be not being able to open a GMC online account despite being on WDOMS. If that happens then you have get your degree recognized by GMC independently AND also get EPIC done.

These articles will be useful:

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