Entry level job saturation in the NHS

Hey there everyone!

Some working doctors in the NHS have made videos about entry level job saturation.
They say, that although there are many vacancies available for doctors as the statistics prove, but most are either middle grade level jobs like surgical training jobs or higher ones like consultants (because doctors leave those posts in a bid to move abroad or some other reason as per their personal circumstances);

FY2 non training jobs and standalone posts are increasingly competitive and unavailable to freshly registered IMGs due to a number of possible reasons:

  1. Previously recruited individuals tend to continue on foundation yr training rather than progressing forward.
  2. Increasing number of registered doctors every year and relatively lesser number posts available: There about 12000+ medical graduates getting registered a year and only around 2500 posts SHO posts available.

Further, there could be other reasons as well.
My question is:
How true is all of this?
Will it be a waste of money to do PLAB pathway in these times or should I back off?
Please do reply.
Thank you!