EU graduate applying for UKFP

Do Eu graduate( MD ) have to give PLAB Too?. When I checked for details all its says that i need OET/ILETS and SJT .Someone help please :slight_smile:
Can I apply in for foundation course UKFP in my last year of study .
What documents will I be in need of ?
someone explain me ,
thanks in advance ,

Mushfiq ( Poland)

Hi @Mushfiq_Shafiq!

No, as a EU graduate, you’ll be exempt from taking PLAB. Here you can find everything you need to provide for your GMC registration.
If you haven’t completed an internship after graduation, you can get provisional registration and apply for UKFP. Here you can find the eligibility criteria for applying to the UKFP and the timeline as well.
Another pathway is to complete an acceptable internship in your own country, get full registration with GMC and then apply for non-training jobs or Fy2 standalone.

Hope it was helpful. Let me know if there’s anything I can further explain.

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