Free slots availability around world

Hello Sir/ Ma’am,
Is it true that seat availability for Plab 1 is 0 around the world at this moment of time…
Will there be surprise availability of seats due to cancelation by some candidates…
Would this miracle take place ?
Or have to go for 2023 directly …please guide

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Yes, as of now all 2022 seats for PLAB 1 have been booked. Cancellations might happen but of course that’s still uncertain and unlikely to be lucky enough to grab it before anyone else.

Keep checking GMC for availability, they stated information about releasing 2023 seats will be provided before the end of March 2022 (Source: GMC - PLAB 1 Bookings)


i also have the same doubt . i am trying for August 2023 uk fy1 . i will be graduating in april 2022. but if there are no seats available in November i dont know if i can get through the internships program in august 2023. when should i be booking plab 1 seat for August 2023 foundation year program


If you’re applying for UKFP or a standalone, you will get priority booking for PLAB. Contact UKFP once you’re eligibility application has been accepted and they will help in ensuring your get a date in time to complete the process.


Hello, if you are going trough the UKFP path you may have a better chance to book PLAB 1. I highly recommend you to send an email to the GMC as soon as you get your confirmation from the UKFP saying you are elegible for the program. Don´t forget to include proof of your aplication and confirmation of elegibility in the email. Best of luck!


Would you by any chance have a template for the email that we should write to the gmc in order to request a plab seat given that you are eligible for ukfp ?