FY2 for non-EEU medical graduates - Scam?

I applied for this FY2 standalone cycle (16th to 30th January) but received an email yesterday saying that the outcome of my application is “Longlist unsuccessful” because it did not meet all the essential criteria. However, I am confident that my application meets all the essential criteria stipulated in the Application Handbook 2023: I already passed Plab 1 & 2, hold a GMC license, meet the English language requirements, and have not held another training post in the UK.

I already sent an email to the only source of communication provided on the UKFPO website requesting information on why my application was rejected. I also talked with some people in Education at my current trust and told me that the demand and offer of the post weren’t enough and they were giving priority to the UK medical graduates. Is this true?

Also, there are no report data on the percentage of IMG non-EEU that makes it to FY2 programmes.