Gap between graduation and start of internship

Hello !

I have a small querry regarding a GAP.

I graduated on 30th March 2022 and started my internship on 30th May 2022.

Will GMC ask me about this 2 months gap between the time from my graduation and starting of internship?

Thank you !

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Yes, they will ask about what you did every single day in the last five years of your life. But, that is not something to dread about.

You just have to state what were you doing in that period! As simple as that. You can not go back to your past and change it, can you?

If you are just doing nothing and taking your time, it’s okay to say that. Many UK/EU graduates go for world travel, volunteering or absolutely nothing for a year after they graduate before they start working – they are doing just fine!

This rampant fear among IMGs about clinical gaps may have stemmed from their own country or other country’s systems. It’s really not a big problem in the UK until and unless you are receiving GMC registration w/o any recent exams (e.g. Relevant European Qualification).