Gap of employment

Hello drs
First if all thank u for ur continuous help
I have an inquiry
My husband just moved to uk to work in NHS
I’m a doctor too and my last exam to get gmc registration is still in November
I plan after passing to apply for NHS jobs
Is six months period of unemployment would be a problem?
The cause if unemployment would be moving to uk with my husband while taking my exams
What would u suggest ?
Is it acceptable? Or will be a problem in applying for jobs and turn off in interviews??
Many thanks in advance

Hi @Prue_Hallywel!:cherry_blossom:

As long as you’ll have GMC registration by then, you don’t need to worry. Just be sincere and explain if anyone asks you that you had to move to a different country and take your exams.

You can read more on clinical gaps here .

I wish you good luck with your journey✨