Getting into Gastroenterology as a IMG (post-PACES)

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Thank you for reading my text! I was about to graduate from my local university at Singapore and thinking of moving to the UK, particularly London, due to family reasons. I will complete my PACES locally before moving, but was wondering if you guys might know how to create a resume that is best suited for this competitive residency? :frowning:

A little context here is that im still a final year medical student, and have apx 3years before I complete PACES and plan to move thereafter. However, my current CV is quite weird as I am actually a quite a research addict and have published over a 100 papers including the best journals of gastro: Lancet oncology, Hepatology, CGH and APT. Beyond that however, I dont have much in the way of other activities and kinda only do research on my free time.

I personally do not mind being in any hospitals as long as it is in London (as my girlfriend will be working there) and was wondering, what are my odds (based on current CV) of getting into gastro residency and also what other the other stuff I can do now to increase my chance of getting into Gastro ST training?

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Hi @chng, first, welcome to the forum! :tada:

Gastroenterology is an uncoupled specialty which is coupled with Internal Medicine Training. You can read further here – Medical Training (residency) for IMGs in the UK.

Also, you can watch this video:

So if you want to become a gastroenterologist through the specialty training pathway in the UK, you have to go through:

  1. Internal Medicine Training (or equivalent) for 3 years
  2. Specialty training in Gastroenterology for further 4 years.

Now, if you target how to get into Internal Medicine Training in competitive places like London, you have to have a very all-rounded portfolio, where research and publications will obviously help. But… there are other aspects you have to do as well to make sure your pre-interview score is high already.

Check this article out - Internal Medicine Training: Planning Your Portfolio

Before you can even apply for Internal Medicine Training (IMT) you have to prove you have equivalent competencies of a foundation doctor in the UK, which can be obtained by the three following ways:

  1. By joining the actual 2 year UKFP (if you are eligible)
  2. By joining 1 year F2 Standalone Program (if you are eligible)
  3. By undertaking non-training locally employed jobs in NHS hospitals and getting a CREST form signed.

The third option is most commonly taken by IMGs as you don’t have to commit to a training program, and you can get this form signed on your own speed, creating a target deadline for IMT application.

You can reply to this post and I’ll answer as soon as I can. I’m putting my shameless plug here :no_mouth:

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