GMC Provisional Registration

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To my understanding I am eligible for a provisional GMC registration.
My question is whether if my application is accepted I will not need to take PLAB.
Meaning, is provisional registration is instead of taking PLAB?>

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If you are eligible for provisional registration, that means you will have to complete an approved Foundation Year 1 programme which will grant you a completion certificate to apply for full registration to start Foundation Year 2.

So yes, you wouldn’t have to clear PLAB but complete a 2-year UK Foundation Programme instead.

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Find more information here:

Hi :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply. That’s good to hear I won’t be needing to take PLAB as it seems.
However, after getting the provisional registration if I gain experience outside of the UK it is possible to ask for a full registration without the foundation program right? or at least only do F-2 of the foundation program?

Thanks again for the helpv

Are you graduating with a relevant European qualification?
You can check qualifying countries here European Economic Area country qualifications and check which evidence you’ll need to provide in order to be granted full registration :sparkles: :blush:

Yes I did graduate with the relevant European qualification. I will look into it now.
Thank you so much for your help! Much appreciated!

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