GMC registration after training in the USA

I did my MD in the USA. Will my clinical years during my medical training count as an internship for GMC registration?

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Just doublecheck the GMC website but with an American MD degree, you can apply for GMC registration directly if I’m not wrong

I’ve looked, but didn’t see that. I know I can register with the USMLEs, but it’s the internship bit that confuses me. My residency doesn’t have surgical time, but my clinical years during my MD did.

Try and shoot an email to the GMC explaining your credentials. You’ll get the most appropriate information out of them.

You can only get GMC registration with USMLE if you’ve completed CS on or before March 2020, and you have more or less stayed in clinical practice.

You will not meet the acceptable pattern of internship criteria, so you’ll need to do your internship elsewhere or in the UK itself.

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