GMC registration for graduates from China

I am originally from India and a medical graduate from China, did my 5-year medical training and 1-year internship in China(which is according to the GMC guideline). After coming back from China I cleared the foreign medical graduate exam(FMGE) to get registered in India and got Delhi Medical Council Registration. I cleared both PLAB 1 and 2 exams and recently applied for UK registration to join foundation year 2.
But the GMC sent me another email asking for more details. "Confirmation from your medical school that you are eligible to sit the NMLE exam with the following specific wording;
For English language courses: the final year of Dr XXXX’s Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery was equivalent to the ‘probation’ (試用期) year, which as a result makes them eligible to sit the NMLE exam

For Chinese language courses: Dr XXXX has completed their ‘probation’ year (試用期), which as a result makes them eligible to sit the NMLE’
When I contacted the university they are saying they don’t understand what the GMC is asking for.
Could you please guide me here? What exactly am I to tell the university?
And they are asking me if I have a template that they could follow.


Have you asked GMC to clarify this further? Give your circumstances and account like you did here to them and see what they respond. If you already have full GMC registration then it shouldn’t be something that worrying.

I would tag @Rohan here to see if he can shed some light on it.

I haven’t asked GMC for clarification. I have recently applied for full GMC registration and this was one of the documents they asked for. I will ask GMC for clarification, meanwhile if someone could shed some light into it that would be great.

Hello ! As a fellow final year student from China as far as my knowledge goes, us foreign medical students are not expected to give any Licensing Exam in China. The only thing i am aware of is that we might have to give the HSK-4 Exam ( the Chinese language exam ) AND complete our internship in the same university for completion of our degree. Again it is required in only some of the universities.
Apologies but this is all I’m aware of. I will try to contact my university also, maybe they have an idea.


according to Chinese government website : all graduate need extra year internship. Your final year internship doesn’t make you eligible to sit for NMLE exam.

http:// www. nhc. gov. cn/cms-search/xxgk/getManuscriptXxgk.htm?id=18580
(Copy paste the link, Remove spaces after dots and view official website)

But the thing is, we didn’t want to become doctor in China and decided to go back to our country and pass our country’s exam.

For Countries like Nepal, Pakistan,India, Bangladesh …- students of these nations must do internship before graduation (pre graduate internship) in order to get full MBBS degree and able to seat for med-license. On the basis of these fact Chinese universities have arranged compulsory rotating internship(which is separate from practical class done in clinical semesters) and this term is only applied for foreign students not for local students.

If we will be able to convince this fact to GMC and make them investigate these facts, I’m sure there will not be any problem.

If we will be able to prove them internship whether done in China or within our own country is equivalent to their FY1 then there will not be any problem.

Thank you. But how could we prove this to GMC?Send a detailed internship certificate done in China and a format of internship certificate from India for them to compare?
Is it possible for them to reject my application based on this? Is there any alternative path for people like me?

can u plz tell me if we graduate from china then do we have to sit for our countries licencing exam like if i am indian i have to sit for NEXT exam then only can give plab or get registration ?plz help

Hello !
If you want to do internship or do post graduation in India then FMGE/NEXT is required. FMGE will be replaced by NEXT after 2022 ( December 2022 will be the last FMGE exam )
And as far as PLAB is concerned you don’t need FMGE/NEXT technically but then you will have to complete internship in China itself and graduate from there.

china is not allowing us to return rn so what if i will do intern in any other country ? last tym someone told me i can do intern in any country as long as it meets acceptable criteria set by GMC . so i am a bit confused about this

Yes i understand as im a final yr student from china.
My plan is to do the UKFP ( 2 Year internship program in UK )
Studying for FMGE and doing internship in India is the gold standard pathway which Foreign graduates take though before moving to the UK.


I saw the video on UKFP does that mean without intern we can go for it and after 2 years get full gmc registration ? And for SJT wht type of questions are asked and any material for preparing .If this process is without intern then it’s best for now as i can’t see any way to go back to china and complete internship.

Yes. You can do UKFP without internship and we receive the GMC Registration later.
For SJT basically Ethical and Situational Questions have to be answered. They provide sample papers on the website for reference. You can also read the book : Good Medical Practice.

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Hi @Steffi

Did you get any further info from GMC or from your university regarding this
I’m a graduate from China too , and yet to start my PLAB journey , therefore curious to know


Hello, I emailed my university regarding this and they gave me a certificate stating that I am eligible to sit the NMLE exam provided I do 1 year probation. I submitted the certificate to the GMC and they accepted it.
Thank you for all the help


Hello @steffi could you please add me somewhere like fb or anything i really don’t know how to convince my university in china to give me this as they don’t know which certificate so please ,i want your help. thanks

@Steffi hi. I’m from India and graduated from china. I’ve recently applied for GMC registration. Can you please share your contact. I have few doubts about the email I got from GMC. My Insta I’d is doctorcharan

Hello @ Aru and @Charan_Peramsetty

I am not active on any social media. How about I share the template here in this forum.
I forwarded the email I got from GMC to my uni. They created the template. Seems like someone else requested the same certificate earlier from the uni.
Sorry for the delayed response😊


Please can you email the template to me? thank you in advance for your help. My university has been asking for the template##########################################£##£#£###############

Hello, even I am a final year Medical student from china. I am expected to receive the provisional degree by april end or during the first week of May. Since you have mentioned that you are planning for the foundation training programme, So I wanted to know that, did you book a PLAB 1 date for this year 2022?. I am asking this specifically because the 2022 plab dates are full and only 2023 plab dates are available now. I am actually preparing for FMGE now but my ultimate goal is to practice medicine in the UK. I guess you must be done with OET/IELTS.

Hello! Well, we cannot book PLAB 1 1 dates for 2022 now. Since I’m planning for UKFP 2023, I have booked my IELTS this month. If we get the desired IELTS score ( 7.5 in all modules ) or OET ( 400+ in each module ) we can fill the UKFP Eligibility form. If deemed eligible, the UKFP can help us getting a PLAB 1 seat for 2022.
Hope this helped!

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