GMC registration for graduates from China

hello could you please forward me the Template and my university are asking for it as well Thankyou … my email I’d :

HI, regarding to the Dean’s Statement, it need us provide a decile score, what if my Dean cannot provide ?will it be affected to my application of UKFP?

@Steffi could you please send the template to this email- , thank you so much in advance.

Hi, I am also a international medical graduate, who graduated from a Chinese university. I just passed my PLAB recently and am applying for full registration and I also encountered the same problem.
However, I asked my university to help by writing the specific words with the added “provided he does one year of internship at a hospital, then he can sit the NMLE” but they still wont do it and will not help me. Could please send the template that helped you get a full registration? My email is I really don’t know what to do…

I could apply for provisional but get a FY1 position seems so difficult and i would have to wait a whole year…

Anyone have any ideas? I am competely lost and I would be most grateful.


Can sombody please please provide with NMLE template or explain what is the format of that letter. I need it urgently pls help. TIA

All the people that are asking for the Dean’s Letter Template here in this thread they can easily find it by searching Dean’s Statement UKFPO in