GMC registration for UKFP Application

I am currently a fifth year student, I am planing to apply for the illegibility application during the next window (Jul-Aug 2022) aiming for a spot in the UKFP 2023
I don’t need to sit for the PLAB as I am studying in Europe

The problem is that I am expected to graduate on late June 2023 and according to the UKFP illegibility application guidance; the last date to submit the application for GMC registration is 7th of July

1- Do you think that period of almost 2 weeks between my last class ever at uni and the deadline for GMC application is enough to apply?

2- if it’s not enough, do you think it is possible to start the application procedure 1 month prior to graduation for example?

3- any suggestions on how I can bypass this issue and not have to lose one year waiting for the next UKFP in 2024 :frowning:

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  1. It’s not last class. It’s about graduating. The day you have completed your degree and your university can award you a degree only then you can apply for GMC registration. Will they give you the diploma before July 2023?

  2. GMC registration on the basis of PMQ can not start until you have the PMQ diploma.

You also have to think about EPIC verification as well.

So at the end of the day, I’ll suggest to try. Taking SJT will be a good experience if it finally doesn’t work out.

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Thank you for your time dr. Ibrahim
I went back to Roadtouk .com to read more about the EPIC verification, and I read that I can start the GMC registration process right after the ECFMG sends the mail to my school.
I don’t believe I have a chance to get a spot in 2023 so I will have to wait for 2024 program
But I do agree with you I should try, and if it doesn’t work then I will have more experience when applying the next year, and I will use that time waiting for the next window to fill the gaps in my knowledge, familiarise myself with the duties of an FY1 doctor and prepare myself mentally for the new journey.

I can’t show enough appreciation to what you guys are doing to help us inshallah Allah will reward you for this.

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