GMC registration: is plab the only way to?

To be doctors in Uk for sure we need to get GMC registration, but is plab the only way to do it? That question one of the main one I used to hear about from other colleagues & friends who are interested in being doc in UK, and as I’m someone who’s have no problem with plab I’m focusing on it only. So I need some help about It to be to answer anyone interested🙏🏼


No, PLAB is not the only way to get a GMC registration.
There are total 3 ways, by which one can get a GMC registration.

  1. By passing the PLAB (which is given after completion of primary medical qualification)
  2. By passing the MRCP ( which is given after completion of your post graduation)
  3. Via a sponsorship program(medical training initiative)

To expand a bit on what @Gayatri said, there is a fourth pathway now which many international doctors can take.

  • Having selected licensing exams of other countries completed.

The exams include USMLE, AMC, MCCQE. And very importantly, it is retroactive.

  • For USMLE, you have to have already passed Step 2 CS before March 13, 2020.
  • For AMC, you have to have passed the clinical examinations before March 5, 2020.
  • For MCCQE, you have to have completed part 2 in English before October 27, 2020.

If anyone completes any of these or equivalent exams NOW, they won’t be deemed eligible for GMC registration.

Read a bit in detail on the process here- GMC registration via USMLE, MCCQE or AMC.


Another way to get GMC registered is by holding a relevant European qualification.

It means that if someone finished their medical school in Europe and holds a medical qualification awarded in the EEA, can get either provisional or full registration via this route without PLAB.

I’ve attached here this link where you can check every county in the EU to see what evidence is needed.
Here is the link💗

The qualifications still need to be EPIC verified and accompanied by IELTS exam proof. :hugs: