Has anyone been able to access the GMC website?

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for this topic, I know it may sound strange, but I haven’t been able to access the GMC website for a while now. The page simply doesn’t load!

I have already tried on multiple browsers and multiple devices. I’m not sure if they are having problems with location (I’m from Brazil).

Has anyone faced this same problem recently? Does anyone know what is happening?

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Haven’t faced this issue on my end :thinking: Is there a particular part of the site that is not loading or is nothing loading at all? It might be worth emailing GMC and asking them if they are aware if this problem.

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Nothing is loading at all, the main page nor other pages.
I have asked friends to try it as well and they haven’t been able to also.

I’ll be definitely emailing them to see if they can solve this issue.

Thank you!

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