Help deciding US vs UK

I am torn between doing a residency in the US or the UK. I’ve invested a lot of money into going to medical school and applying for the match in the US in pediatrics , I have some loans to pay but it’s not 6 figures. It is my second time applying and I have 2 interviews .I think it went a lot better this time. If I go down this road, I may do pediatric hospitalist or spend another 3 years specializing in neonatology or cardiology.The issue with the US is it’s quite far from my home and moving back or spending time back home would be very difficult. This is a big thing for me and I don’t know how much flexibility this US path would offer me.

The UK on the other hand is a lot closer to home. If I go to the UK, I would do radiology. I think I would very much enjoy it. There’s also the added benefit of tele radiology and the high level of flexibility which would potential allow me to spend more time in Sierra Leone. Finally, I’ve spoken to one of the 4 radiologists in my country and they said there’s a great demand and most of the work gets outsourced since there’s not enough radiologists to do all the work. But I still doubt that I will ever earn as much in this scenario as I would in the US and what the difference would be. I’m fine with not earning as much as long as I spend time in SL and have the flexibility, but I want to make sure I don’t make a terrible decision in terms of earning potential especially considering how much money I’ve already invested in my education so far.

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You can see the basic pay structure for consultants Pay scales for consultants in England but remember this is the BASIC pay, which means that out-of-hours/on-calls work would add on top of this.

Aside from that, yes, overall there is a demand for radiologists that is fairly universal, which would allow for a lot of locum or private work.

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Hello, you have quite a decision to make. I don´t know the partircular situation of radiologist, however I believe doing the specialization in UK is your best choice. In the UK you earn less money than in USA but work far less hours, it´s 40 hours a week plus out of hours/on calls work while in USA it´s 50-60 hours the average.On top of that, you have several benefit for working in the NHS that will allow you to save plenty of money.
In addition, in the NHS you have more holidays thant in the US residency and travelling is always cheaper from the UK.