Help me in choosing the right job

I have 3 offers

  1. Senior Clinical Fellow in Paediatrics at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

  2. Specialty Doctor in Paediatrics East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

  3. Clinical Fellow Paediatrics ST4+ University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

The salaries are more or less the same, except that the Sussex NHS foundation is not offering the allocation allowance

The working hours are also between 40-48s hours for all

All offering 1A banding

Please I need your opinion on which option to opt for and which one is IMG friendly

If I’m not wrong, I have heard great things about all of those 3 trusts. It really comes down to personal preferences like how close do you want to be close to London or a specific location, are you down to experience more country side etc. I’d recommend maybe try looking into the locations themselves what life could look like.

Thanks for the reply.
Well, I don’t know much about the UK but my main preference is to get into the training sooner or later at some point. Also, I prefer to have some mosques around and easy-to-find Halal food.

In that case, perhaps Kent or Sussex might be better? Googling a bit could help more. Besides, most trusts have great supportive doctors. If you do your work well enough and are nice to them you’ll find consultants who will be more than happy to become your mentor.

Thanks a lot for your replies.
In Sussex, I will be working only in Neonatology and that’s the field of my interest and am working in Neonatology for a long. Also, I wonder if I work only in neonatology will affect my chances of getting into the training or not.

If I’m not wrong then pediatrics ends officially after S6. If you manage to tick all the boxes of your specialty Competencies you’ll end your training as a consultant. I don’t think there’s any training jobs you can apply for once you start ST4+.

Sorry for the late response.
No Pediatric finishes at S8