Hi, there! Please introduce yourself!


There are so many medical students and doctors in this forum from around the world that we think it is important to create a space for you to share a little bit more about who you are and all the things that you - yes you - can do.

Some questions you can answer to get your thoughts flowing:

Do share:

  • Who you are
  • The stage of your medical career are you in
  • Which specialty do you desire to work in? Why?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Don’t share: (share at your own risk)

  • Age
  • Contact information
  • Or any other personal identifying information

Good to know

Welcome! :wave:t2:


Hello, everyone!

My name is Gabriel Ari and I am a final year medical student from Brazil. It is a huge honour to be here in the RoadToUK Forum and to be an ambassador. I believe this is an opportunity to meet new people with the same dreams and ambitions of mine and to share our experiences, our difficulties and our achievements.

As you can imagine, I have a special interest in pursuing a medical career in the UK, and the specialties I’m currently interested in are General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, although I haven’t entirely made up my mind yet.

I would love to hear about your stories as well!


Hi everyone,
My name’s Fatima I’m last year medical student studying in Iraq. I’m so excited to be part of this amazing team where we chase our dreams and help other student with theirs.
I have different specialty interest each year ; last two years I was interested in public health it was my huge desire and big dream, but this few months I started enjoy being in OR so I’m currently thinking about pediatric surgery but still not sure about it yet.


Welcome, Gabriel!

We are glad that you are here. You and your peers’ contribution to this forum will make it a great place for all of us to learn and grow.

Surgical specialties are generally more competitive than other specialties in the UK, but that just makes it more enticing and gratifying when you achieve it. You have ample time to make your mind still.

Good Luck!


Welcome, Fatima!

Thanks for sharing and contributing. Soon we will open this forum to the public and you can bring your friends and colleagues here to help.

That’s perfectly alright. I changed my specialty of choice multiple times when I was an intern myself. Now my heart is set on medicine, but still, there are so many options in specializations!


Hello Everyone,
A Pleasure to meet all of you and utmost gratitude for getting this lovely opportunity to work and contribute to this amazing team. Im Rohan from India currently studying in China as a final year medical student working towards getting into UKFP 2023. My aspirations as of now is to get into Radiology and be an Interventional Radiologist ( will have to be up to date with A.I though and how it will change radiology ). Really enthralled for this journey. Looking forward to making new friends, helping others and together achieving our dreams of getting in the NHS. And obviously having fun along the way.
Thank you.


Hello people🙂

My name is OFFIONG A, final year medical student of the College of Medicine, Madonna University Nigeria.

It’s no news that I horn an interest in medical practice in the UK

I am currently much interested in Surgery.

Thank you RoadtoUk​:uk: for the opportunity :blush:


Hello everyone,
My name is Sharon Anthony.I am an Indian studying in my final year at Tbilisi State Medical University,Georgia.This makes me an IMG already :relieved:.
I have interest in field of Surgery ,Obgyn and Dermatology(Hoping to make a decision soon as to which field to pursue) .

Also glad to be part of this initiative to help more fellow students.

Having know the difficulty to get into another country has an IMG,would really appreciate RoadToUK for amazing initiatives and support.Looking forward to meet and work with many of you Doctors in the Uk five years from now.:grin:


Hello everyone!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My name is Rozemary and I’m a final year medical student in Romania, at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova.

It is so nice to be part of this amazing initiative and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to get to know you all and also to help our fellow colleagues with their own struggles.

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in Obs & Gynae but recently I’ve been thinking about Psychiatry and GP as well.

I’m hoping in five years from now we’ll all work together in the NHS and we’ll manage to be successful in everything we are now dreaming about!:hugs:


Hello!! :wave: Nice to meet you all​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’m Gayatri Angat, a final year medical student studying in New Vision University, Georgia. I’m thankful to road to UK for this amazing opportunity to help other students with the same goal of working as a doctor in the UK. I look forward to meeting new people from all over the world and embark on this exciting journey with you.
I have been fascinated by fetal surgery, oncology and general surgery.
I hope to become a great doctor and achieve everything I set my mind on and work with you all at NHS in 5 years time .:sparkles:


Hello, all! :grin:

My name is António and I’m a final year medical student in Portugal! :portugal:

Before this, I was a scrub nurse in the UK for a couple of years, so I’m very excited to work again over there!

I’m currently applying for the Foundation Programme and I’ve just done the SJT this week, which was… interesting… :sweat_smile: RoadToUK has helped me a lot in the last few years trying to understand the details of the medical career in the UK and how the whole application process works, so I’m very honoured to be able to help other med students in the same journey!

Because of my background, I’m very interested in surgical specialties, like General Surgery, Urology, and Obs&Gynae, but, I’m in my thirties and want to properly start a family soon, so now I’m more inclined to specialties which would give me a better work-life balance while still being very fulfilling. After a lot of consideration, I’m currently trying to decide between Anaesthetics, IR and Ophthalmology. These are all very competitive specialties in the UK, so we’ll see how I do! :muscle::grin:

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the application process for the 2-year Foundation Programme and I’ll share what I know!

Have a great time! :grin:


Hello all and Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:. My name is Osa and I graduated medical school in November of 2021 having undergone a 5 year MBBS program at the University of Botswana in Botswana, which is a small country that shares borders with South Africa.

I am currently working as an intern doctor in my home country. My plans for the new year is to totally immerse myself in the RoadToUK journey with the first step being taking the IELTS in January. In terms of which specialty I’m interested in that is yet to be determined. My greatest fulfillment from medicine comes from patient interaction. Where do I see myself in 5 years, I want what most people want, to be a wife, a mother :grin: and working in my specialty of choice.


Hello everyone!

My name is Daniela, but you can call me Dany :hugs: I graduated last year from Tecnológico de Monterrey. I am currently doing my social service in a low income area near my city; med-students in Mexico are required to do one year of unpaid full-time work in a government managed outpatient clinic after completing an approved internship (unpaid as well :cry: ) in order to be awarded a medical degree. I desire to find better paying job opportunities and quality of life, so the UK seems like a viable choice for me and I’m excited to discover where my path will lead me.

I have a special interest in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I find the whole residency application process quite frightening and I desire to have more time for travel and family as I really didn’t have enough during my six years of university, so I’m considering doing a masters degree in aesthetic medicine before residency. I’ve been lucky enough to practice simple aesthetic procedures under supervision and by myself, so I’m eager to learn more advanced stuff. I love it very much and it is a big dream of mine to have my own clinic :relaxed:

I’ve cleared my IELTS exam and will start to prepare for PLAB-1, which I will present in November. I am very happy to share this forum with you all and hope we can be of help to each other :sparkles:


Hello everyone

My name is Yash. I’m a final year med student in India. It is a pleasure to interact with everyone here on the RoadtoUK forum.

The videos and articles made by Ibreez and Ibrahim have helped me alot so I was delighted when I got to know about this forum.

I’m interested in pursuing a surgical specialty I think. Although I might change my mind post internship.



Hello!, Pleasure to be with you,:wave:
I’m a 5th Year medical student, in Ukraine,:ukraine: originally from Algeria.:algeria:
I’ve made a decision last year to go through the UK’s pathway .:uk:
I’m really grateful for Dr Ibrahim and Dr Ibreez For the work that they’ve done last couple years trying to facilitate The Road to UK for IMGs.:crossed_fingers:
So, starting from this year i will follow the pathway that they’ve paved , Working firstly on the IElLTS’s challenge.:muscle:
Hopefully i could make it towards UKFPO FY1 in 2024 before changes will come to the current system.:sunglasses:
I’m lucky to be here at this special moment, in which the forum is launched .:four_leaf_clover:
“I’m all eyes :eyes:” watching my senior doctors crossing this bridge, hopefully I’ll too .Good Luck for every one , :crossed_fingers: And congratulations for the forum.:tada:.


Hi everyone! :raising_hand_woman:t2:

My name is Hilal. I’m a 5th-year medical student at Acıbadem University in Istanbul, Turkey. :tr: I aspire to be an NHS doctor in the coming years.

I came across the RoadtoUK YouTube channel last summer while I was searching for the UK path. I’d like to thank Ibreez and Ibrahim for creating this forum, which allows us to find answers and exchange information more efficiently than ever -not to mention the splendid interface :star_struck: -. I want to be a part of the RoadtoUK team as the ambassador of Turkey next year.

Speaking of specialty training, I’m keen on medical branches, specifically neurology and anesthesiology. In recent years, I’ve participated in neurochemistry, microbiology, and radiology studies. Since the working conditions differ greatly from Turkey to the UK, I hope to decide on my training path after observing these fields in the foundation years.

I wish you all the best. :hugs:


Hello, my name is ayushi. I have just completed my internship in 2021 from India.
I am looking forward to bece a consultant and post grad in either obgy or paediatrics!
I am preparing for plab. Looking forward for your support and guidance!


Hello everyone
Myself adnan fayad khan…i am a final year med student at govt medical college rewa(SSMC REWA).
I am looking forward to continue my career further in uk…and i want to do be a CTS consultant in future


Myself Raniya … I’m a 3rd year med student studying in India… I’ll be completing my internship in 2024 after which I’m planning to continue my further studies and practice in the UK
Looking forward to this journey with all of you!
Lots of positive energy to all!!:sparkles:


Hello Everyone.

I’m Francis a final year medical student from Nigeria. RoadtoUk has remained a haven of inspiration, motivation and cogent information for a lot of us. This amazing networking platform is critical to giving a lot of folks a sense of belonging.

I’ll be done by April and the IELTS would be my next step, shortly followed by the PLAB1 in November.

My current field of interest is Orthopedics. Let’s form bonds that will easily and hastily facilitate our transition in the NHS.

Good Luck to us all.