Hi, there! Please introduce yourself!

Hi everyone!

My name is Kristy Polanco and I’m a final year medical student from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) located in the sun-filled island of the Dominican Republic :dominican_republic:. I came across RoadToUK after browsing countless hours for answers about the process of entering the medical system of different countries. This platform was the most organised and clear in regards of the pathway to UK, so I stuck around :sweat_smile:. I fell in love with Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine and was surprised to learn that many countries don’t have a training program for this areas. The UK has been historically one of the main contributors in this fields and also has some of the best schools for this type of training.

I’m planning to present OET on September and hopefully book my PLAB 1 seat for November 2023 :crossed_fingers:t4:. I look forward to all the growth and learning this path will allow me and many others.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Hi there
I am muhammad Umar nadeem
From pakistan
Currently doing my final year from a medical college
Interested in plab pathway in coming near future
I had some questions
Need help

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My names are Joseph Mwanza.
I am a Zambian, Currently doing my Pregraduate internship( 7th year) in General Medicine in Cuba and will be graduating in mid 2023.
My aspirations or interests are in General Surgery, Cardiothoraric surgery, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Infectious Medicine.

My Dream is to live and work in the UK and I believe this is the best platform for me to start from.

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