How can the free time between graduation and plab 1 test be utilized?

Hi, I am a graduate from Pakistan and completed my internship in july 2021, after that i booked my plab 1 seat which i got for nov 2022, now i have a lot of free time, and can’t get any job like medical officer, how can i utlize this time, so that while applying for GMC registration, there wouldn’t be any trouble for me to explain this gap, i have already wasted 6 months

Hello, congratulations for finishing your internship. Usually, the GMC understand the timelines and gaps (I haven´t heard nor read anyone complaining about the GMC because of gaps, at least not if the gaps were less than 2 years), however you could show them you have passed your IELTS/OET or another English exam. On top of that, you can send them evidence about any course you have done or are going to do or proof of any kind of holidays or study trips.
If they do ask you about the gap, don´t forget to explain that you couldn´t get a job as a doctor in your country and the reason for that. Best of luck!

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