How do i prepare for Situational Judgment Test?

Hello everyone! I recently applied for standalone FY2. I am required to do a Situational Judgement Test. Is this test pass or fail or on scores? Is there a website to prepare for this test? Or a book to prepare for this test?

Thank you


Hello! The UKFP has a decent collection of materials and past papers you can look at as well as scenarios for standalone. You can find it here: Practice SJT papers - UK Foundation Programme


Hello! Thank you so much for sharing. I have actually tried that before. Unfortunately, when i used that website, it provides no feedback, nor grade nor review. I do not know if i answer them correctly. Do you have any suggestions or any other website?

Hi, Allison!

I would definitely suggest you have a read through the GMC’s documents, especially Good Medical Practice. (Good medical practice - GMC)

Everything you need is in there, but if you still feel you need some practical examples, I would:

1 - Do the SJT Practice papers provided by the UKFPO, which was linked by Dr Ibreez (do the ones for F1, as they’re very similar and they provide answers and reasoning);

2 - Sign up for a question bank like PassMedicine or PassTest. (I used PassTest and, while I feel it was good practice, the reasoning behind their answers was not necessarily the same as UKFPO/GMC)

I would suggest sticking to one or two study materials as everyone will have different reasoning behind such subjective situations and it might make you even less sure of what’s correct!

Best of luck!