How fresh IMGs can get good standing certificate?

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I am Thavasimariselvam, and I am 1st year medical student pursuing my medical course from University of perpetual help system DALTA Jonelta school of medicine in Philippines. I will also have 12 month internship program in Philippines after my graduation.

As I am fresh IMG, I won’t be register and have license in any medical council. Would you please tell be in that case how can I get Good standing certificate. I found that it is mandatory to have good standing certificate during GMC registration. But I don’t know as a fresh IMG how can I get good standing certificate.

Any one please give some clarification regarding this…


I think… finally I come up with the clarification what i have mentioned above. I kindly request you to correct me… if i am wrong…

Documents needed during GMC registration:

  1. Your passport with validity
  2. Your medical degree certificate
  3. Evidence for passing IELTS or OET
  4. Internship completion certificate
  5. Good standing certificate (it is to prove our fitness to practice )

You may be familiar with first 4 documents but you may not familiar with CGS (certificate of good standing)… let’s see what it is…

you can get good standing certificate only if you fully registered in any of the medical council and it will be valid only 3 months from the time of issuance. (for example, NMC in India is an medical council, GMC in UK is an medical council, TNMC in tamilnadu is a state medical council and also many other state council in India are able to provide CGS to you) For Tamilnadu you can apply here: Tamilnadu Medical Council (TNMC)

Here you can check from where you are able to get good standing certificate: CGS directory - GMC

But the thing is CGS will be provided to you only if you are fully registered in the medical council and work as a doctor… (it will contain all the details about your work experience) so technically as a fresh graduate we won’t get that certificate.

So… in such case what can we do?

we have to explain our situation to the GMC that we are not fully registered with any medical council so that we are unable to provide CGS…

then they will ask us to provide permission letter for provisional registration

  1. Getting official letter from medical council

The fact is, if we are doing internship in any country that country’s medical council will provide us a provisional registration. so that we can do internship in that country. if that happens we can provide that confirmation letter.

another possibility is…

  1. getting GEN 2 form signed by our supervisor during our internship

In case if we are not provided with a provisional registration then we have to ask our supervisor in the hospital where we are doing the internship to sign the GEN 2 form.

Gen 2 form will be like this:

Would you please tell me… whether i understood in the right way?

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Hello everyone.
I have done my internship from Haryana and I was registered provisionally with Haryana medical council. But after internship, I registered myself with Delhi medical council for permanent registration. Now for gmc registration, I got certificate of good standing from Delhi medical council. But can I get it from Haryana medical council as I was provisionally registered there?
Kingly help me
Thanks in advance

You don’t need good standing certificate from Haryana as you are not and were never full registered with them.

I don’t think that’s true.

If you have completed an acceptable pattern of internship in the eye of that medical council, they will allow you to be registered/licensed to work. If you got full registration that way - yesterday, they should be able to award you a good standing certificate tomorrow stating that you haven’t done anything wrong today. Do you get what I mean?

Now the main question is:

Whether your internship in the Philippines will be seen as an acceptable internship in the eye of GMC?

If Yes, then you don’t need any CGS because you are not fully registered with any medical council of the world and you have an acceptable pattern of internship.

if No, you’ll either have to do an internship elsewhere or try for UKFP 2 year foundation programme in the UK..

At the end of the day, CGS is ONLY required when you were registered/licensed to work as a doctor (not provisionally) with any medical council in the last five years.
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Thankyou doctor, now I come to clarification that, only if I register with any medical council, I need to get CGS or else I don’t need to get CGS.

And also doctor, now recently we come to know that international students are not eligible to particiate in National Internship Program in Philippines. And also international students are not allowed to take physician licensure examination in Philippines. We will have only clerkship in 4th year MD (Doctor of Medicine) program. But GMC won’t accept that as an Internship. So, after my graduation, I have to do UKFP 2 year foundation program in UK.

That is one option. The other option is doing an acceptable internship elsewhere in the world and then apply for full GMC registration by passing PLABs.


Thank you doctor, thank you for letting me know about another option. I think, Considering another option might save our time. Let hope for the best!

Did you find a country where you can do internship without sitting for their licensing exams?