How to contact GMC if account is locked

My name is Farah Anwar and i am from Pakistan. I was setting up my GMC account today and and somewhere in the middle it got locked. Now they have given a number where I am supposed to contact them. The problem is, it’s not a Whatsapp number. How do i dail it from my cell phone here in Pakistan. Should I open international calls on my number and then contact gmc. Any idea? Any one from Pakistan who faced a similar problem or anyone who knows and can help

Hi @farah.anwar!

You can try and email them about that.

Here you can find all the contact information.

There’s a special number for calling from abroad as well. It’s +44 161 923 6602.

Hope you’ll manage to resolve it. Don’t hesitate to come back if needed. :cherry_blossom:

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