How to create E-Logbook for IMG outside UK?

I want to apply for St 3 training post in General Surgery. However, during self-scoring, you need to calculate the amount of your operations and as evidence to provide log book of performed operations. I know in the UK everyone is using e logbook. However, I am not in the Uk and want to provide a logbook from my country (Ukraine). How should I do it? As far as I understood E logbook is for Uk doctors and it will not work with my consultants from Ukraine. I have tried to contact recruitment support but they were of little help. Only You guys can help me with this trouble. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Artem!

I think you can find some kind of portfolio providers online, but you’ll have to pay for those. I found this one searching Google.

You can also read more here . It’s information about the Horus one.

Sorry for not being able to help more. Maybe the more experienced colleagues can offer you a better option.

Hope you’re having a great day :sunny: