I can't access GMC website

I’m a Brazilian doctor who has just passed IELTS. So I’m ready to set up my GMC account.
The only thing is: I just CAN’T access the website. Seriously, I’ve been trying for days. I tried from different devices, different browsers (Chrome and Safari), I’ve tried clearing the cache… I don’t know what to do, I’m kinda desperate.
I have also asked some relatives if they could access the website, and they couldn’t. I don’t know if maybe it’s something that’s happening only in Brazil, because some people from other places replied on Facebook that they could access the website.

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The website is working absolutely fine with no issues.

Is it working now ? You can also try using a VPN. Maybe some firewall issues

There are some countries where GMC website doesn’t work without VPN, so u can use VPN and contact the gmc telling them that