I did internship outside if china and Now I am doing again

I have studied in china, before covid i came back in vacation and couldn’t go back. So I had done my internship in Bangladesh.
But I am afraid that this internship isn’t valid cause the hospital was new and not registered yet. But my varsity gave me gradution and all certificates.
Now I am sitting for license exam in Bangladesh, then I will do intern again from a valid hospital in Bangladesh.

Can I use my second internship certificate for GMC resgistration?

I want to know, will this be a problem for gmc resgistration?


GMC will accept the Internship after BMDC exam, but I am not sure whether they will accept your 1st internship or not. Because GMC doesn’t support a degree that is done by two separate institution.
Please read this part from the link(Please remove the ‘%’ and insert ‘.’) I provided below- ‘If you have studied at more than one institution’